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A Patented, USA made Bar Clamp
that's built to withstand a lifetime of abuse.




Closes just like a standard grip-style bar clamp.

 Reverse the bars to jack or spread.  




The JackClamp is more than a typical bar clamp and it's tougher.

Here's some of what it can do:

  • Clamp virtually any material together with no fading in the clamp strength
  • Clamp up to 32" using the spreader attachments
  • Jack up to 300 pounds by simply reconfiguring the bars
  • Spread gaps as small as 1/4" with the unique spreader attachments
  • Hold round metal pipes together for welding with the v-jaw attachments
  • Use two clamps together to simultaneously clamp and press, freeing your hands for other tasks
  • Built in levels make your life easier and your projects faster
  • Assemble the tool around your project to use it in places other clamps can't go
  • Get covered in oil, WD-40 and grease with no loss of performance
  • All JackClamp parts are interchangeable with the AlphaClamp

100% Made in the USA

If you don't absolutely love it, return it.

Guaranteed for Life.