Why should I buy the JackClamp system rather than just one JackClamp?

The JackClamp system allows you to use the JackClamp to it's full potential. It comes with each of the attachments: spreader jaws so you can clamp or spread using gaps as small as 1/4", v-jaws that allow you to clamp virtually anything together, even round pipes for welding, foot attachments which allow you to jack with the feet keeping the tools in place, and two JackClamps which let's you use our dual clamp configurations.

Besides, it's a really good deal - about $30 off versus buying everything separately.

Why is the JackClamp more expensive than most other clamps?

The JackClamp costs a little more than competing clamps because it's a higher quality tool that's 100% manufactured in the USA. Holding a JackClamp and one of the competing clamps side by side, the quality difference is readily apparent. Keep jobs in the US and buy the JackClamp. It's only slightly more expensive and it's a dramatically better tool with a dramatically better warranty - we'll buy it back if you're dissatisfied.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, If you don't like your JackClamp system for any reason, we'll buy it back from you within 30 days of purchase. If the clamp breaks in your lifetime, we'll replace it.

How is the JackClamp system different from other clamps on the market?

The JackClamp is the only clamp with a parallel top bar. It's also the only clamp that let's you remove the bars, allowing you to reassemble the clamp in or around your project for dramatically greater flexibilty. The fact that it can be dissasembled also allows you to reconfigure the clamp to spread or jack material up. The JackClamp is the only clamp in the world that can do this, that's why we have a patent on it!

How much weight can the JackClamp jack up or hoist?

The JackClamp will jack or hoist up to 300 lbs (135 kg) without any slippage.

Is the JackClamp patented?

Yes, the JackClamp is protected by a patent and is the only bar clamp in the world with a top parallel bar and the ability to be dissasembled. That makes it the most versatile clamp in the world - jack, hoist, spread, clamp and more all with one tool.

Is it a jack or is it a clamp?

It's the only tool that you can think of as both. By reversing the direction of the bars, the JackClamp can go from clamping to jacking and can do so in seconds.

What is the Warranty?

The JackClamp has a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for all our products.Please review our Warranty page for more information.