The last clamp you'll ever need. Period.


Built in the USA, built to last.

Clamp any materials together with no fading in the clamp strength 

Jack up to 300 pounds by simply reversing the direction of the bars

Spread gaps as small as 1/4"

Hold round metal pipes together for welding

Use two clamps together to simultaneously clamp and press, freeing your hands for other tasks

Built-in spirit levels

Get run over by a truck and keep going (seriously)

The JackClamp can be assembled around or inside of your work space, making it the most useful clamp you'll ever own.

The JackClamp is Guaranteed!
Give the JackClamp a try and if you aren't totally satisfied, we'll buy it back from you for up to 30 days.

All Lowell Thomas Tools products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

International shipping is available. No Sales Tax!

Don't just take it from us, here is what some happy customers have said!


This is the best bar clamp that we’ve ever tested. As a kit, the system is invaluable as an extra set of hands to hold up cabinets for installation. As a clamp or spreader, the power is more than adequate for everything we put it through.

Pro Tool Reviews

The JackClamps really take pistol grip clamps to the next level.... I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown other clamps off to the side in frustration when they weren’t able to get into the tight spaces I needed them to, didn’t spread far enough to be helpful, or simply couldn’t grip the workpiece. But JackClamps can almost always be adjusted or modified to accomplish the task at hand and get the job done, and for that reason they have earned a permanent place in my truck.

Ethan Bickford, A Concord Carpenter

I work on my own about 98% of the time. The Jackclamps quickly became my extra set of hands. The ability to act as jack meant that I didn’t have to fool around with all kinds of shims and other ridiculous looking ways of holding materials up in lieu of an assistant. While there are plenty of clamps to choose from out there, the Jackclamp works extremely well in that capacity.

David Delk


This clamp does it all. The JackClamp is set apart because it features two parallel metal bars. Both parallel bars are easily adjustable, reversible and removable to tackle any project.

Ethan, One Project Closer

 It excels in small clamping applications, particularly when a large c-clamp is needed or when the handle on a traditional one-handed clamp cannot fit into the work area Home

As a bar clamp, it has a 13″ deep throat for clamping around obstructions. Flipping the handle around the extra bar gives the JackClamp a 33″ spreading span.

Tool Monger