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About Us

We are currently in the transition of owners. Thank you for your time and patience as we work on getting things up and running. 


Born out of frustration with using standard, low quality clamps on his projects, the JackClamp was the inspiration of inventor, Lowell Thomas. An inventor since childhood, Lowell has typically sold his inventions shortly after patenting them. The JackClamp is one of his first foray's into the challenge of bringing a product to market. 

The JackClamp is the world's only parallel bar clamp and its simplicity is what makes it so powerful. By simply adding a parallel top bar and giving you more freedom than other clamps in that it has the ability to be dissasembled and reassembled in or around your work area, the JackClamp has revolutionized clamping forever. 

The JackClamp is 100% American manufactured.