Fixing Fence - The Rancher Needs a JackClamp

Did the cows crawl the fence and snap two wires? Were the bulls fighting too close to the barbwire? Perhaps a herd of elk blew through? Whatever the case, you have to go out with a pair of fencing pliers, wire stretchers, staples or clips, and you're forgetting something. You think to yourself, 'goll-darn it, I just saw that the other day.'


It's the JackClamp. Yep, can't hardly leave the house without it now, right? Most people think of the JackClamp for wood working, DIY projects, cabinetry, and other things and they are absolutely correct.

However, ranchers and farmers have also found so many chores, jobs and tasks that the JackClamp is a great solution to their problematic situations. 


"Hey, run back over there and hold up that wire while I clip it!"

Sound familiar? I bet so. I also would bet that your kids are in school, your wife is in town, your husband is at the neighbors, and you're alone in the pasture fixing fence. You are the perfect candidate for the JackClamp. With its "feet" it can stand by itself and be that extra "person" you wish you had. Check out that picture - it speaks for itself. 



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