Top 5 Projects the JackClamp Can Be Used For

So, you know what the JackClamp is..

 .....but, in what ways can you use it? You don't have to be a carpenter, rancher, mechanic or any other fancy title or status to use one. AND, you don't have to be male to use it, either. It is so applicable to everyday life for both men and women. See the list we've compiled of the Top 5 ways to use it!

1. Installing cabinets or microwaves

How heavy are cabinets and/or microwaves? Probably pretty heavy if you're awkwardly trying to hold them up while someone attaches it to the wall. Oh, and then they mess up... so you hold it even longer! DON'T DO THAT! The JackClamp has "feet" that can be attached to the clamp so they can literally stand and hold up a cabinet or microwave in the exact spot you want. 


2. Holding Pipe to Weld

The JackClamp has another set of attachments called the "V-Jaw" attachments. They work so well for holding pipe, and other round objects. We've found lots of people like to weld with the V-jaw attachments because they don't slip! 

3. Spreading Apart Wooden Fences

Do you try to use a pry bar or crow bar when tearing down old wooden fences but it just doesn't work very well? The spreader attachments can fit in between very small spaces, allowing you to get more work done quicker. 


4. Holding Braces on a Wooden Fence

Instead of taking one down, you can also build a fence with the JackClamp! The parallel bars are reversible, so you can get a wider hold on objects. We're the only clamp that can do that! This is such a great feature and makes the JackClamp so universal!


5. Hoisting to Change a Flat Tire

While using the foot attachment and the spreader attachment, you can hoist up many different things. It doesn't have to even be a vehicle! It could be plywood boards, metal, anything you have lying around that you need just a little help lifting up! 


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