How to Install an Over-The-Range Microwave

Installing an over-the-range microwave can be quick and easy.

Over-the-range microwaves are held in place by a bracket against the wall and several screws on the top of the microwave. The bracket is secured to the wall but the microwave is typically just placed in or clipped into the bracket. This allows the microwave to pivot against the bracket which makes installation easier but still holds the microwave securely in place.

Removing your old over-the-range microwave:

The first step is to remove the old microwave or hood if you have one. Before you do anything, please unplug your existing microwave. The outlet should be hidden in the cabinet above the existing unit. Next, use your JackClamps in the jacking position, foot attachments installed, and place them under the existing microwave. Jack them firmly against the microwave or hood to hold it in place as you remove the screws from the top of the unit. Unscrew the screws (which are usually hidden inside the cabinet above the existing microwave or hood). The JackClamp will hold the unit securely while you do this so you don't have to worry about it falling. 


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Once you have the screws in place, slowly release the brakes on the JackClamps supporting the unit. It should pivot against the existing wall bracket with the JackClamps bearing the weight of the microwave. Once it pivots out enough, probably 30-45 degrees from the wall, you should be able to lift the microwave out of the wall bracket. Next, just unscrew the existing wall bracket from the wall and you're done!

Installing your new over-the-range microwave:

Now that your old unit is out of the way, we can install the new over-the-range microwave. The first step is to install the new wall bracket which will support the microwave. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to make sure you do this correctly. The most important thing is to mount it very securely, making sure to screw it to your wall studs so there is plenty of structural support. These things are big and heavy, sheet-rock alone will not support them!

Now that your wall bracket is attached, make sure that the holes in your cabinets above the microwave for the cord and screws all line up. The cord for the microwave and the screw holes to secure the top of the microwave to the cabinets may not be in the same place as they were in your last unit. If they're not, just drill new holes where you need them.

Once that's taken care of, lift your microwave onto the bracket, making sure that the microwave is seated properly in the bracket. Now, pivoting against the bracket, lift the microwave and place the JackClamps in the jacking configuration with the foot attachment installed under the microwave. Just jack the microwave up until the top is flush with the cabinets above it. Make sure you feed the cord into the cord hole in your cabinets so you can plug it in later. The JackClamps will hold the microwave securely in place, hands free. This allows you to secure the screws that hold the top in place without someone else holding the microwave in position!


Next, screw in the screws that hold the microwave in place, making sure to remember the washer! Once these screws are tight, your new over-the-range microwave should be securely installed. Release the JackClamps and make sure that it's not loose and that it looks level. As long as your wall mount was measured correctly, you should have no problem. Just plug your microwave in and you're ready to go!