How to Install Decking with the Proper Spacing

Installing a new Deck is Easy with the JackClamp

                When building a deck, you want to have a perfect, uniform look to the spacing of your boards. That can be challenging when using boards that have any warp or twist in them though, sometimes leaving you an inch or more out of place. Forcing the board into the proper position can be extremely difficult and can even require another person’s help.

Using the JackClamp, you can do it yourself faster and more precisely than ever before. Simply attach the spreader jaws – these will allow you to get the board into the perfect position because they fit into gaps as small as ½”, allowing you to clamp the board in place and then secure it to your frame very quickly.

Just insert one of the spreader jaws into a gap in your deck, clamp your warped board to the proper spacing and screw it in place. Proper spacing of your decking boards used to be difficult and imprecise. The JackClamp makes it very quick and allows you to achieve the perfect spacing.


For a demonstration of how to install deck boards with a JackClamp, watch the video below.


The JackClamp makes getting the proper board spacing on your deck a piece of cake!