How to Hang Cabinets by Yourself

Hanging Cabinets Alone with the JackClamp is Safe and Easy

                Hanging cabinets, even with two people, can traditionally be extremely challenging. You need someone to hold the cabinet in place, someone to check for it being level and someone to attach the cabinet to the wall. Or at least you used to!

Using the JackClamp, one person can do all these jobs quicker, safer and more precisely.

Start by assembling the JackClamps in the jacking configuration as shown below:

Next attach the stands to one end of each of the tools. Position them a little less than the width of your cabinet and place the cabinet on top of them.



Now simply slowly squeeze each of the handles and jack the cabinet into position. Using the built in levels, you can precisely adjust the cabinet to be perfectly level. Then, just attach the cabinet to the wall like you normally would.

Hanging cabinets with the JackClamp is fast, simple, safe and precise.

Watch the video below for a demonstration. 


Hanging a Cabinet Alone Using the JackClamp