How to Open a Stuck Window

Open a stuck window using the JackClamp

Painted shut or otherwise stuck windows can be a nightmare. They’re not only a hassle but they’re also unsafe. Getting them open without damaging the frame can be a challenge too. Screw drivers, pry bars and other traditional methods of opening stuck windows leave permanent damage behind. 

Using the JackClamp though, it’s extremely easy to open, or shut, a stuck window without damaging it.

Simply remove the top and bottom bar, reverse their directions so they’re in the jacking configuration as shown.

With the JackClamp in the jacking configuration, place one end on the edge of the window frame and the other on the window sill. Now slowly squeeze the handle, spreading the ends and freeing the stuck window with no damage. Similarly, to close a stuck window, just put brace the clamp again the top of the window frame and the top of the stuck window. Slowly spread the clamp to release the stuck window.


Watch the video below for a demonstration of opening a stuck double hung window using the JackClamp: