How to use the JackClamp for DIY projects

Women: Queen's of DIY Projects

Ok gals, who doesn't like cheap home decor? There are so many DIY projects that you can make yourself - with the help of the JackClamp. You really don't need your man, boyfriend, husband, know-it-all brother, or anyone else to help you create beautiful home art. Look at this picture, for example.


You can see the glue seeping out of the cracks of this barn wood cross. A lady made this, YES, I said a LADY. You can do it, too! 

This cross if made out of one board, a 2x6 to be exact. You could use an old pallet, a torn down fence, anything you think would look great hanging on the walls in your home. The longest piece (vertical) measures 18 inches long and the two side pieces (horizontal) are 5 inches long. Regular old wood glue works great to secure the pieces together. 

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our Instagram to see the final product of this barn wood cross. I guarantee you'll want to build it!