Introducing the first emergency light the you can ALWAYS count on!  It's not just a light stick with an ergonomic grip, it also directs and focuses the light at what you want to look at instead of shining in your eyes!  Always ready in an emergency, the PluckLight can be plucked off the wall in a power outage, plucked out of your car as a flare in an accident, or even put underwater without being damaged.

Because of the Patent Pending carrier your light is more powerful, more direct, and can even be easily covered if you don't want to be seen.

Affordable, safe in gas leaks, and using technology trusted by the US Navy and US Coast Guard in even the most dangerous environments.  Put a PluckLight in your place today!

Sold as a 2 pack or case of 10.

Other great uses:

 - Map reading

 - Camping

 - Flying

 - Boating

 - Hunting

 - Many more!

  • $19.95

  • $89.95


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Lifetime Warranty

If your PluckLight breaks we will send you a brand new one immediately, at no charge.


Money Back Guarantee

If you don't fall in love with The PluckLight you can send it back for a full refund.


Free Shipping

If you spend over $100 with us we will take care of the shipping costs for you.


Proudly Made in the USA

The PluckLight is proudly made in the United States and is guaranteed for life!

Your PluckLight Questions, Answered

Why is the PluckLight better than a flashlight?

The PluckLight costs less than competeing "intrinsically safe" flashlights, are safe in gas leaks unlike traditional flashlights, are safe to keep in any environment for long periods of time (even in wet places like boats!) and are easy and safe to use by anyone in the family.

How bright is the PluckLight? Will it really light up what I need to see?

The PluckLight takes a 1 lumen bulb and concentrates the light to 38 lumens! This means that you can light up whole rooms safely while also not blinding yourself. The only unidirectional light of its kind, the PluckLight can help you be seen in an emergency (home fires, lost in the woods, car break downs) or can be covered in tactical situations (military land navigation, wicked games of hide-and-go-seek at night)

Is the PluckLight tough?

Both tough and affordable, the PluckLight uses technology trusted by the US military to light your way and is even covered by a generous warranty!

Is the PluckLight really made in the USA?

Absolutely! The same folks who brought you the famous JackClamp also make the all new PluckLight right in Bozeman, Montana, USA!