JackClamp is now PluckLight

Good afternoon friends,


  Lowell Thomas Tool has come to a cross roads.  We love producing the JackClamp and we love our customers even more!  Unfortunately, with the rising steel prices and being made in Bozeman, MT USA the Jackclamp is simply unprofitable.  We want to keep our production in the USA and we will!  After selling tens of thousands of units all over the world we are ending production of the JackClamp and all related accessories (we will always stand by our warrantee on the JackClamp and will provide repairs when you need it).  But not all is lost.

  At JackClamp, we’ve made great products for you and we will continue to do so for a long time!

Introducing the PluckLight!

PluckLight vs regular chem-light

  PluckLight is a safe emergency lighting option for the whole family.  With more and more incidents of public gas leaks turning deadly, and emergency weather conditions like Hurricane Willa increasing every year, we must have a safe and reliable way to see our way out of danger… literally.

The PluckLight works anywhere even under water.  There are no metal parts to short out, no batteries to die, no electricity to cause sparks and explosions, and a shelf life up to three years.  It’s the best emergency light source that you can imagine!

Soon available on Amazon, FB, and soon the new website as well.  Stay tuned for more information!